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A scratch golfer is a term used to describe a highly skilled golfer who has a handicap of zero.

Imagine you and I are playing a round of golf together. The golf course we’re playing on has a par of 72, which means that it’s designed for skilled golfers to complete the entire course in 72 strokes. Now, let’s say I’m a scratch golfer and you’re not.

As a scratch golfer, I have a lot of experience and skill in the game. I’ve practiced a lot, honed my techniques, and become really good at golf. So, when I play, my goal is to complete each hole in the same number of strokes as the par for that hole. 

For example, if we come across a par-4 hole, I’m aiming to complete it in exactly four strokes. If we encounter a par-3 hole, I want to complete it in three strokes, and so on.

The term “scratch” comes from the fact that a scratch golfer’s handicap is zero. Handicap is a way of measuring a golfer’s ability relative to par. Since my handicap is zero, it means that my playing ability is on par with the design of the golf course. I’m able to consistently score at or better than the course’s par.

Being a scratch golfer indicates that I have a high level of skill and consistency in my game. It’s not easy to achieve, as it requires a lot of practice, experience, and knowledge of the game. Scratch golfers are often seen competing in professional tournaments or playing at an elite level.

So, in simple terms, a scratch golfer is someone who is really good at golf, can complete each hole in the same number of strokes as the par, and has a handicap of zero.

Hannah Brotsky

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